Open Data

The practice of Open Data promotes better organizational processes while creating opportunities for spreading important town data and adding value to the community.

Open Data Catalog

Town Data... free to download, use, and republish as needed, without restrictions.

*Please share with us how you are utilizing our Open Data, and we'll showcase your efforts here!

What is Open Data?

While most users may never use Open Data directly, it is good for everyone to have a basic understanding of what it is and why it is important.

Traditional Public Information

Traditionally, Town staff utilize all of the data it has available to provide important information with council and the public. From the many pieces of data that exist, the trends, aggregations, and summaries are shared with the public to improve understanding.

Modern Data Sharing

Open Data is the practice of sharing Town data into the public domain without any filter, other than exclusion of private or sensitive data. This allows users to download copies of raw data, or even better, connect to live streams of data that are continuously updated by the Town.

More Productive Data

The Town staff can only produce a certain amount of information output using Town data. Opening data into the public domain allows others to conduct separate analyses that can produce new insights for the Town. Also, live data feeds support third party solutions to the benfit of Town. For example, live Transit times and locations in Google Maps are supported by open data from the Town.

Why Open Data?

Open Data improves access to information and creates many new opportunities for the Town.
Here are the most common uses of open data.

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True Transparency
open to the media

Media outlets have an interest in fact checking the information the Town shares. Also, it can explore the raw datta to come to further conclusions that the Town hasn't already presented.
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Spread the Data
helping them to help us

Open Data allows third parties and developers to enhance their products, benefiting the Town's residents and visitors. Also other government agencies can easily access our data to include us in their studies.
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Further Analysis and Insights
real world applications

Open Data can be foundational for student projects in any educational institution from grade school to college and university. Studies may be conducted in subject areas not previously explored by the Town.