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This is the Town of Orangeville's central source for getting your data-driven answers. See what's new on the news list, watch our showcase videos, view our data-driven tools in the gallery, and download our open data, schemas, and templates.

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Data Orangeville is where municipal data gets shared. Like never before, we are creating easy-to-use information resources and engaging users to create and manage their own data.



The Town collects data from many aspects of daily work. These facts, and bits of information, are stored by the Town and utilized by staff through easy-to-use applications and tools.


A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and display spatial or geographic data. Visualizing data is extremely powerful for everyone's understanding.


Simple. To answer questions. Data gives us the information we need to answer our questions and make well-informed decisions. Good data does not lie.

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The App Gallery is an index of all publicly available data-driven tools. New items are added regularly. Make use of the gallery search to find a tool that will give you the answers you need. Didn't find what you're looking for or need help? Send us an email below and let us know.

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Calling all Developers...

We are striving to make much of the non-private information at the Town publicly available in their raw formats. This is meant for other developers to create works of their own, or for investigators to mine source data for further insight, all using authoritative data from the Town.

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For the GIS Admins

Are you implementing GIS for an Organization as well? We'll show you some things we have done, complete with videos and downloadable templates. Check out our open schemas, open strategies, open experiences, and open arms.

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